Sodium hydrosulfide

Sodium hydrosulfide

Chemical property


Quickly resolved into sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide in wet air and heat released and self-igniion.


Physical Property

Appearence and characterWhite to colorless,cubic crystal smells hydrogen sulfide.Industrial products are usually solutions,orange or yellow.Melting point ): 52.54
Relative Desitywater=1): 1.79
Molecular Formular:NaSH
Molecular Weight:56.06
Flash Point(°C): 90

Solubilitydissolved in water,ethanol and ether.

Emergency Treatment

Skin ContactImmediately remove the polluted clothesand rinse for at least 15 minutes with large amount of flowing water.Medical treatment.

Eye contact:Eyelids,rinse thoroughly with a large amount water or saline water for at least 15 minutes.

Medical treatment.

InhalationQuckly out of the site to fresh air.Keep respiriaory tract unobstructed.If breathing is difficult

Give oxydren.If the breath stops,take an artificial breath immediately.

Eat in:Gargle with water,drink milk or egg white.Go to a doctor.

Function and Usage:

The dye industry is used in the synthesis of organic intermediates and auxilariesfor the preparation of vulcanized dyes.Leather industry for hair removal and tanning hides.It’s also used wastewater treatment.The fertilizer industry is used to remove the monomer sulfur in the activated carbon desulphurizer.It is the raw material for the manufacture of ammonium sulfide and semi-finished product of ethyl thiol.A large amount of mining industry is used in copper ore dressing as a mineral preparation agent.The use of sulphuric acid in the production of artificial fiber in pulp and paper industry.