Sodium Sulfide

Sodium Sulfide

Physical Property:

Appea r anc e and Ch ar ac t er :  The  products  ar generally  p i nk , orange  ye l l ow. khak flakes So I ub i I i ty:     So I ub I e eas i I y in wat er , s I i ght I y so I ub I e i n a I coho I


Emergency Treatment

Skin Contact:  Irm,ed I ate I r emove  the  po I I ut ed  c I othes  and  rinse  with p I enty  of  fresh water  for at                                l east   15 m i nut es . Go to    a doctor

Eye contact:   lrm,ed i at  e l y I ift     eye I i ds, r i nse with  plenty  of  fresh  water  or  normal  saline  water for  at               least 15  mi nut  es . Go to   a doctor

Inhalation:   Qu i ck l y  out    o the    site  to  the fresh  a i r . Keep  respiratory   tract  unob st  r uc t ed.  If br eat h i ng i s di ff i cu I t , give oxygen, if breathing st ops, take art if i c i a I respiration immed i at e l y and go to a doctor

Ingestion:  Gargle  w i t  h   wat  er , and  drink  milk  or  egg  wh i t e. Go  to      a doctor


Function and Usage

1 Dye i ng  and  pr i nt i ng  industry  as  a  dyeing agent  for   dissolving vulcanized dyes

2I n the     tannery   i ndu st r y, it     is    also used to hydro I yze the peeIs to remove hair and to prepare sodium polysulfide to accelerate the dyeing of dry skin to soak and help soft

3Th e paper    industry   is  used  as  a  cooking agent  for paper

4,        The textile industry for rayon denitration and reduction of nitration as wel I as cotton fabric mordant dye i ng.

5,    The pharmaceutical industry for the production of phenacetin antipyretic

6,  As  a  corrosion  i nhab i t or , it  is also raw material of sodium t h i osuf at e, sod i um po l ysu l f i de, and sulfur dyes

7M i ne r a l processing industry and so on