Calcium chloride storage should pay attention to the problem

Time: 2017-04-12

In the daily storage of calcium chloride, a lot of people do not pay attention to, leading to the economic loss of the enterprise, for this reason, we, according to the chemical characteristics of calcium chloride, for you to explain the calcium chloride storage should pay attention to the problem"

1 calcium chloride should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated warehouse, so as not to damp.

2 should stay away from fire, heat, keep the container sealed.

3 should be separated from ether and boride in order to avoid chemical reaction.

4 storage room lighting, ventilation and other facilities should be explosion-proof type, the switch is located outside the warehouse, equipped with the corresponding varieties and quantity of fire equipment.

5 prohibit the use of sparks in the process of the production of mechanical equipment and tools.

6 pay attention to personal protection in the packaging and handling operations.

7 when handling to light light unloading, prevent packaging and container damage.